Thursday, May 29, 2008

Exam Period Survival Kit

Examssssssssss... Starts in 2 weeks for me. From now till then, is nothing but camping at home (occasionally over at jw's house, where the guys gathers) with my survival kit!

This kit of mine basically consists of my beloved G-2 pen, my noob calculator and my ultra level-ed calculator, liquid paper, ruler and lots and lots of papers! and OH, labelers and highlighters.

The MOST important element of this kit, has to be the

never ending supply of comfort food!

hot chocolate is always the best companion. esp now that it's getting colder by the day.

this comes in handy when in rush. ie: rushing to library, or no time to waste (most the time when nearing exams or when panic attack).

this is a must! sometimes, must satisfy cravings la... hehehe...

Waaaalaaah... and youre prepared for the exams!

OH OH! wait.... of coz, how can i forget. Lecture notes, tutorials and past years' exams are important too :) but no one can work with a growling tummy, can they? :)

Good luck to all who's having exams! :)

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