Monday, May 26, 2008

Change of hairstyle

My hair wasn't behaving very well today. Those sticking out, wouldn't stick in, the straights would not stay straight. Basically, bad hair day la. So, decided to tie up my hair, a change for once.

Went to uni, and met up with one of my groupmates to ask him bout my lab book. To MY surprise, he couldnt recognize me!!

hey yah!!

(turned around, stared at me for 30 secs) Oh hey Sue! Couldn't recognize you with your hair tied up!

. . .

I look so different meh?

i don't think so lo!


Joy said...

For somebody who has kept her hair too short to ever be tied up for such a long while, anybody would think you'd look different.
Even me =Pp

Miss you la.
Can't wait to see you in Melbourne =)

sueann said...

jorr... how i know wohh... hahahaha.. :p
i missssssh you tooooooooo...
i'm having Javvah hot choc now.. yum yummm ... :P

sernliang said...

*ignoring the lesbo conversation* ><