Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Australia up till now

besides the constant can die studying...... here's some of the things i did :)

just a few here to spice up my blog a bit.. more to come!! :)
happy studying all! :)


~LiL DoLphin~ said...

Soooo nice!! Haha... I'll pick you up if i was there and saw you. :)

I miss Alvin so much, babe. I'm sure you miss your bf too, right?? And of cos i miss you lots too!!

I'm glad you'll be coming back soon so we can catch up on loads. Love ya babe.

P/S: Can you mail Alvin back to me please?? :D

sueann said...

hiiiiiiiiiiiii.... hehehe....
i miss sern liang toooooooooooooo.... and youuuuuuuu.....

oh oh .... we exchange mail la.. you post over sl, i'll post alvin back..must tie ribbon all wan know.. hehhe... :p

~LiL DoLphin~ said...

Eh!! Good idea!! Lolz. If only laaa... :D Muax muax!!