Friday, May 16, 2008

1 birthday and more random..

The first birthday in the house :)

It was definitely homey and fun.. after a good whole-hearted home made pizza and tong yuen dinner, it was on to cake cutting and poker. Nothing beats a nice get-together in the midst of exam period.

the girls of the house

together with the boys.

feeding her the quite yummi blackforest(with almost no blackforest) chocolate cake

and off to Chaddy the next day to get lil Lorraine... :)

Blueeeee Mundaaaaaaeeee
The poster sale is here in campus again.... only this time, more interesting posters are for sale!

how bout that for a start... hehehe....

part of the hugeeeee South Park poster. i like this best.. :p

AAAANNNNDDDDD,despite the fact that Tiesto was in Malaysia last week and that i missed it coz i'm all the way here in australia, i thought this would make the day better....

until i looked at the poster a lil longer....

June 9.... damn the exams... bah!

then, there was the night.....sometime ago...... whereeee

VB killed us all.....

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manda. said...

ooh love to see your overseas pictures! :)