Tuesday, April 15, 2008

my boyfriend

so i was doing the matrix stuffs in Dynamical Systems while he was playing this balloon game. Suddenly, he msg-ed me, saying:

sl: habis lar me dear
me: hmm.. why woh (with a damn concern and worried face)

sl: stupid metal balloon went thru
sl: HAHAHA.. dearrr

me: i tot wat
sl: sorry nth exciting
me: goodnesss

sl: i love youuu
me: yeah laaa..hahaha

sl: wait ar dear.. im gonna die soon dy. after this i chat with u k

so loving rite... hhahaHAHAHAH... i know :P


sernliang said...

>< darling.... lol

~LiL DoLphin~ said...

Sounds familiar... i think i've been thru that before. Lolz!! :)


felicity said...

haha.... cute nya....

Tien Long said...

lawak 100%..

Tien Long said...

dem funny la SL.. lol.. best best

sernliang said...

lol... didn't expect this to be published in the blog