Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Easter Break

was damn fun lo!!!!!!!
started off with a Good Friday in Mt. Dandenong..
next stop, Mt. Dandenong Sky view! breathtaking marvelous! altho half the view is covered with mist, but is still good :)
and the best view of the day has GOT to be this
next up, was to the William Ricketts Sanctuary. no pictures taken here... it's just like a reserve forest-y place with lotsa clay carvings all over :)

the 'itinerary of the day'..... Kokoda trail via
1000 steps!
my limbs literally 'fell off'' after the trail lo!!! 1000 steps down and 1000 steps up!!! crazyyyyyyy i tell you.. crazy! i did not even climbed batu caves!
and head back down to the kampung after that :) tiring, but was totally fun!

Saturday, SYDNEY!! yeayyy yeayyy!!
was dinner in this awesome korean restaurant and off to Lindt Cafe to meet up with peiryn, marvin and thean aik, joined by kenneth and kelvin and 2 other friend's of pei ryn's. that was long :) Lindt ROX!!!

day 2 in sydney:
Darling Harbour, Opera House, the rocks, and pepper lunch dinner :)
not that i purposely wear red coz of the man-u match.. he did!
Day 3 in sydney : EASTER SHOW!!!
i'm super excited lo!! super fun!! :
joined in the red devils' victory la.... see chew.. i'm nice:p

Day 4 in sydney : Bondi junction shopping!
shopping onli... no need to take pictures la:p
later that night, Pancakes on Rocks... simply delicious!!!

Last day in sydney: New Town, burger lunch, coffee dessert
take side :)
and then, took the flight back to cold freezing melbourne..... my easter break rox!!!


Joy said...

Hello, Sue's new blog!

Am I the first? =D

Kenneth Tan said...

Ahhhh I want ELMO!!!!!

sueann said...

yeayyY!!! nyahahaha...

sernliang said...

*hugsss* sama sama start new blog :D